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Thanks so much to your team for your hard work. You made the symposium a big success" - K.M.

"Hi, just wanted to congratulate on coordinating an amazing conference. I have been bringing up new ideas from the conference in our curriculum meeting today. We have both been talking to our colleagues about it and will make a brief presentation to our global group tomorrow. We will present more in depth to the nursing faculty later in June. It was amazing and that the speakers were exceptional" - J.E

"The Transcending Borders Global Health Conference was full of people willing to talk about the world instead of themselves. I have long been searching to find such a community so I am incredibly grateful to have been a part of this conference. Sharing the common interest of better preserving humanity, I was able to connect with individuals of all ages and backgrounds to form lasting friendships. As a member of the organizing committee, it was incredible to see our creative visions and hard work materialize into a successful final product. For me, the success came in seeing delegates leave with a greater appreciation for international issues and social responsibility. As a newly emerging field, global health can be tough to define but I felt this conference thoughtfully embodied all its essential tenets." - M.S.

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done, and for setting up a truly incredible conference. It was an honour being a part of this conference, and I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to take part again." - M.M.

"That was, and always be, a wonderful conference. What worked well:
1. Masses of students/young people. A major triumph and worth the price of admission.
2. A colourful mix of all peoples, from everywhere.
3. Hard-hitting stories. Everything was there, from Izzeldin's harrowing tale to stuff on migrant mistreatment, Rwanda, Guatemalan women, homelessness, Arab Spring fallout, to repetitive calls for getting off our behinds and doing something -- from people who are doing something. I loved that.
4. A voice for everyone. Any story that was authentic, from young, old, MDs, PhDs or people who had lived something, period -- that was wonderful.
5. Unpretentious paper materials and much reliance on digital stuff. A breakthrough -- long overdue.
6. Helpful, hard-working organizers.
7. The spiritual event on Sunday morning. Wonderful -- Imam and Hindu priest side by side...."
- W.B.

"Just wanted to let you know that I think the conference was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was very impressed by all of the interesting speakers and panelists. Well done!" - B.D.

"For me the conference was a wonderful experience all around. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with and learned from so many amazing individuals. I felt very out of my comfort zone with my Ecohealth team as my background in this area is so limited. However, the team included me at all levels and allowed me to contribute whatever I could! Moving forward I am committed to work as a champion for the Ecohealth agenda and will push to incorporate this throughout our nursing curriculum beginning in year one." - P.

"It was a great pleasure being at the conference, I think it was one of the very best I have been to - the ambiance was just terrific and I loved the 2 panels at the end of Saturday and Sunday - congratulations on your hard work" - C.P.

"Izzeldin's presentation obviously moved us all to think harder about what we have and all that we could and should do to advocate for those who do not have our freedoms or voices. Powerful."

"Dannielle's presentation gave me a powerful framework for advocacy work that I will use from this day forward"

"To the planners: Thank you for creating a haven of intellectual pursuit and concrete opportunities for change - the ability to act as individuals and as community members" - V.S.